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More than 10 years online! . . . Don’t just stay tuned!
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Let us know your opinion and your suggestions.

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[the friend or lover = philos] + [Cyprus = Kypros] = Philokypros

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The photograph ...
it captures the flowing moment and makes it last in eternity.

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Kyrenia, the northern entrance gate to Cyprus, situated in the centre of the coastline lying at the feet of the Pentadaktylos mountain range. The town's history goes back in time even beyond the Trojan war expedition era. The Arcadians are believed to have established Kyrenia which bears the same name with an ancient town in northern Peloponnese.
In modern days as recent as 1974, the Kyrenia coast served as the gate to Cyprus for the invaders who poured in the island from across the sea at the north where they felt squeezed and suppressed and were in desperate need to expand and control lands beyond the sea.

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Philokypros is for Cyprus. A Greek language posting page is here. Readers can interfere and expand all thoughts as they feel (with respect to others). And to those interested to speak in English I would convey a warm Welcome onboard Sirs; Σpeak for Cyprus and its [postal] history.

Ο Φιλοκυπρος ομιλει την ελληνικην ΕΔΩ στη συγχρονη μας κερκόπορτα.
Οσοι πιστοι προσελθετε, η πορτα αυτη δεν επιτρεπεται να μεινει αφυλακτη.

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w w w . p h i l o k y p r o s . n e tsitebadge003f

. . . is all about Kypros. It is a study on Cyprus seen through the images of its stamps and postcards as well as its old gravures and photographs where its past — present — hopes are all delivered on bits of paper that have travelled and still travel across and around the world. is also more than a mere hobby. It is like pandora's box; full of goodies. Just unlock and discover.

Explore philokypros and play not only with stamps: a most unusual puzzle-like game . . .
Our aim is to revisit Cyprus
incognito .

Fly to Cyprus . . . Know Cyprus

Our Wonderful small World in a photo
Caught in the middle of a dust storm (19 October 2002)
Satellite photo image courtesy NASA Visible Earth

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New addition to Philokypros is the Cyprus in the Ages page. You can browse a fourteen thousand years timespan shown in 32 miniature stamps. A quite interesting addition to our virtual collection.

A different view of Cyprus - I would say a romantic one - can be experienced with the help of our
Time Machine
It is a screen intended to travel us to the not so distant years of the first half of the 20th century. Two things are needed to play the slideshow: Firstly, Quick Time - Apple's software - will do the job. Secondly and extremely important is your patience to allow some time for the files to download as I have made these quite large to gain in quality. I hope you will like the images and the music . . .
I do hope to bring you Good Mood!

Serious stamp collectors can discover some gems in Philokypros virtual collection. However, I thought that the casual visitor who is new in the hobby would also appreciate something different to attract his attention... A Puzzle Game would serve just that.
Silverlight from Microsoft will be needed and your computer will handle this; just allow the procedure.

And if you are bored with the whole concept, of course you could leave ... but why not leave with help from
Philokypros ( !! ) Just go through the Way Ahead page and see what exit options are offered. It could prove interesting, I hope.

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Χρυσοπράσινο φύλλο ριγμένο στο πέλαγο
Γη της λεμονιάς, της ελιάς
Γη της αγκαλιάς, της χαράς
Γη του πεύκου, του κυπαρισσιού
των παλικαριών και της αγάπης 
Γη των κοριτσιών που γελούν
Γη των αγοριών που μεθούν
Γη του Μύρου του Χαιρετισμού
Κύπρος της αγάπης και του ονείρου 
Χρυσοπράσινο φύλλο ριγμένο στο πέλαγο

Γη του ξεραμένου λιβαδιού
Γη της πικραμένης Παναγιάς
Γη του λίβα, τ’ άδικου χαμού
τ’ άγριου καιρού, των ηφαιστείων 
Χρυσοπράσινο φύλλο ριγμένο στο πέλαγο

Χρυσοπράσινο Φύλλο
: Μίκης Θεοδωράκης
Στίχοι-Ποίηση: Λεωνίδας Μαλένης

Κέλομαί σε Γογγύλα
Μουσική-Ποίηση: Μάνος Χατζιδάκις
Στίχοι-Ποίηση: Σαπφώ

Δύο υπέροχες παρουσιάσεις των τραγουδιών στο
YouTube, αξίζει η περιήγηση στη σελίδα της zeena61