Philately can be a lone Hobby. Philately can also be a team hobby.

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Whichever is the case for the lone or team conscious philatelist, the undeniable fact is that philatelic knowledge is gained through research and tested for its correctness through collaborative work done by enthusiastic collectors who, during the lapse of 180 years since the Postage Stamp appearance, have gathered, preserved and passed on, a vast material being this either mail or stamps or documents and who were keen enough to study and extract from it, classify, interpret and record the information that we have easily available today. That is not to say that all the work has been done. Fortunately, undiscovered or unarchived material and information is still here - somewhere around us, awaiting the lucky and competent collector to unleash it.

As regards Cyprus stamps, its Postal or Philatelic History and this Site which is born from a Philatelist's enthusiasm on the subject, I would like to make a note:
All knowledge has been gathered through contact with other philatelists, through collecting and discussing the pieces of interest, through reading and keeping an eye on what appears as "philatelic news" anywhere (and internet admittedly has vastly promoted this possibility nowadays).
I should mention here two books which both have been reference guides incorporating our today's collective knowledge which, nevertheless, can still be expanded:
1) The: CYPRUS 1353 to 1986 History, Postal History & Postage Stamps by Wilfrid T. F. Castle and Members of the Cyprus Study Circle, and
2) The Postal History of Cyprus by Edward B. Proud

This page
comprises an informative list of the stamps of Cyprus issued from 1881 to 1896 during the reign of Queen Victoria.

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Aged 4, in 1823
A painting by Stephen Poyntz Denning

Right: The Queen in her coronation robes.
A painting by George Hayter

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Aged 80 in 1899

The eternal young Queen, Queen Victoria, as she always appeared on the Cyprus stamps since 1880, finally passed away at 6:30 p.m. on 22nd January 1901. It was Tuesday and that event marked the end of an era, that of Queen Victoria who had reigned the British Empire from the 20th June 1837 till the dawn of the twentieth century.

Her Majesty Victoria, by the Grace of God,
of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Queen, defender of the Faith, Empress of India.

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The Rural Service cancellations of Cyprus reflect a unique web of postal service points providing their service to the public in villages, monasteries, highway and forest or railway stations, military camps, not to mention the cases of a hotel, a factory or a mine.

This diversity and the interesting history and stories that lie behind every postmark (i.e. behind every point of service as described), make the Postal History of Cyprus unique and of extraordinary interest to collectors and students or researchers alike.
Below are some such postmarks on the half piastre postage stamp which was the most common inland postal rate during the Queen's reign.

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A note
to the discerning reader: Please do contact me - you are most welcome, if you think a description or information related to stamps is incorrect or suffers somehow. This site is not commercial. Pursuit of the hobby, knowledge, pleasure as well as leisure is what I aim for.
And one more note: This is a collection of stamps. Some are very rare while others are more common and, it always can happen that not every single stamp's image is available to be presented in this virtual collection. If you can help make more interesting images or information available to more people you are cordially invited.

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