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The British took control on Cyprus from the Ottomans in July 1878. To that date apart from the Austrian Lloyd agency post office, there was the Ottoman post of which very little is known today. Probably an office was in operation in Nicosia serving the authorities and others and Ottoman adhesives of that era were in use; unfortunately only very few examples have survived.
As regards the British: At the beginning till March 1880, the stamps on sale at the post office, which was considered as a subsidiary of the British Post, where those in normal circulation in Britain. Only through their usage and cancellation one can specify that these were originating from Cyprus.
In 1879 six different stamps from the British Post stocks
(see 1 to 10 below) were chosen to be overprinted with "CYPRUS" to serve for dedicated Cyprus usage until proper ones were approved and printed. These though were made available to the authorities early in the Summer of 1879, were applied for use on 1st April 1880 upon the transfer of the British Post Office in Cyprus to the local administration.
Apart from stamps, other official British postal stationary as well as revenues were similarly overprinted for use in Cyprus.